Privacy Statement

Personal data on request

Under section 4 of the Data Protection Acts, on making a written request to N6, any individual about whom N6 keep personal information on computer or in a relevant filing system is entitled to:

(a) a copy of the data,
(b) a description of the purposes for which it is held,
(c) a description of those to whom the data may be disclosed and
(d) the source of the data unless this would be contrary to public interest

N6 will explain to the data subject the logic used in any automated decision making process where the decision significantly affects the individual and the decision is solely based on the automated process. This “right of access” is subject to a limited number of exceptions, which are listed below.

An individual making an access request must:-

  • apply in writing,
  • give any details which might be needed to help identify him or her and locate all the information that may be kept about him/her (e.g., previous addresses, customer account numbers).
  • The individual must also pay an access fee if N6 Operations wish to charge one. N6 do not need to do so, but if so it cannot exceed €6.35

Data Retention Policy

Data Collected Time Data Retained Reason for Retaining Data
Plaza CCTV 60 Days Insurance claims, staff and customer protection
Plaza CCTV 30 Days Staff and building security
Transaction Data (Inc LPNs) 90 Days Electronic tag disputes as contracturally obliged
Unpaid Tolls 30 Days Data retained for the purpose of unpaid toll charges is kept for 30 days or until the charge is paid

Every individual about whom a data controller keeps personal information on computer or in a relevant filing system, has a number of other rights under the Acts, in addition to the Right of Access. These include the right to have any inaccurate information rectified or erased, to have personal data taken off a direct marketing or direct mailing list and the right to complain to the Data Protection Commissioner.

To contact the Data Protection Commissioner website, please click here.